Security and ConvenienceIt’s a Digital World – Leveraging the explosive growth of the Internet, IP network-based video surveillance technology has rapidly evolved into an extraordinarily powerful and cost-effective tool – and has eclipsed traditional, analog CCTV camera technology in nearly every way.

Network video utilizes the same Internet facilities as your business router, server or PC, often over existing cat5 wiring. Combined with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), this same network can centrally power your IP cameras, enabling rapid and cost-effective deployment and re-configuration. Since it’s network based, you can monitor, record and manage your surveillance system from anywhere on the web – your local LAN or remotely via the Internet. Your camera system can even email you when an alarm is triggered, and send you a snapshot of the action!

Find out how Digital Surveillance Systems can put the power of this technology to work for your business or bring your existing video system up to Internet speed.